bookmark_borderHow to do Gmail Login on Mobile Phone? Android/IOS/Blackberry

History tells us that man has created a lot and increased its comfort level. WWW is said to be the greatest invention after the wheel. The Internet has made those things which just dreamed of the past. Email is one of them. 

Email or should we say Electronic mail is a message that is sent through electronic devices. Ray Tomlinson was the first to send the email by developing @ Sign through which username links with the server.

After that, the term Email was first used in the mid-1970s. The email consists of a very simple body that includes HeaderMessage Content, Attachment. The first email protocol was developed in 1981 and we can say that it is the same as that of now email methodology basics.

In this article, we will discuss Gmail and How to do a Gmail login on a Mobile phone. Gmail is a free web service through which you can send or receive messages at any time through an internet connection. 

What is Gmail?

Gmail is one of those web services that allows you to send and receive mail in no time. Gmail is owned by Google, which was launched as on testing on 1st April 2004 and then ended its testing period in 2009, July 7.

Currently, there are nearly 2 billion active Gmail users. According to the Google survey in 2016, there were more than 1 billion active users of Gmail which were increasing and 25% rate. 

Modern email methodology basics are the same as that of the SMTP launched back in 1981. But man has reached to the better end by modifying the modern email system.

Gmail has introduced Gmail offline through which you can receive, send, and download messages at any time.

Key Features of Gmail Account

The following are some amazing key features that you can enjoy with your Gmail account.

● Notification alerts for each email

● Security alerts and verification methods

● Expiry time

● Schedule emails

● Drag through right-click facility

● User-friendly interface with many different options

● Send and request money

Many other features are also available like Gmail offline, which is the demand of the modern world. Security features are up to date like verification methods i.e Mobile phone number verification, email verification, and secret question option in case of password forgetting moment.

How to do Gmail Login on a Mobile phone?

Gmail had launched its mobile app back in 2012 and since then it has become very easy to log in to a Gmail account through mobile phones. 

Android: Open Gmail and tap to your profile picture at the top right corner of the page. Then click on add account. After that enter your email address and password to get a log in.

IOS: Enable IMAP for google and the open settings. Go to the password and accounts and choose Google. Enter your email and tap on next then password and tap on next to login to your account.

Blackberry: Swipe left to open setting and then open Accounts and select advanced to proceed further. Select Gmail and enter all required information and then enter next. A new page will appear where you can click on the Accept option to get a login.