bookmark_borderReviews For Online Movie Streaming Sites

Many different websites are available online that offer online streaming of movies, cartoons, anime movies and web series. Some of these are paid such as Netflix while some of these offer ads supported free services. People have their own preferences in choosing online streaming websites.

People’s reviews are very much important to understand the reputation of online streaming websites. In this article, we have tried to cover some reviews regarding some famous online movie streaming websites.

List of Free Movies Streaming Websites

1. 123Movies

123Movies website receives more than 98 million users on a monthly basis. This number is a real threat to other content creators. Now MPAA has declared that 123Movies is an illegal website and its content is under copyright strike. Now it has been banned in the US. Hence if you use 123Movies in the US for online movie streaming, then it will end up with trouble.

2. xMovies8

Yet another name that comes in every one name is xMovies8. It is also an online streaming website that offers movies, web series, serials, and TV shows.

Most of the people do not appreciate that this site requires credit card details. Many people faced problems by giving their credit card details. Also, ads and pop is also a bad side of this website.

3. GoMovies

GoMovies has an overall rating of 2.5 stars out of 5. Most of the people complain that this site does not have a great selection of movies and TV shows. Also, many people complain regarding buffering and stopping issues.

The movie stops almost after every minute and takes a lot of time to restart. Nearly twice the time of the total length of the movie just gets wasted in these buffering and ads issues.

4. Movies4u

Movies4u is an Indian illegal website that offers many services like online streaming and downloading of movies. This site is not working properly and sometimes scammed people buy the wrong domains.

It has a low rating, although offers the same features as that of the other online movie streaming websites but does not secure its availability. Also ads and pop up has created a lot of trouble for its users.

5. Putlockers

Putlockers is an online streaming website that offers movies, serials, web series, TV shows, documentaries and much more. Among the online movie streaming sites, Putlocker has secured the 14th position on the global ranking. Its customers have given it an overall rating of 3.11.

This indicated that people are pretty much satisfied with their services and products. Also, adblocker work properly on this site and do not disturb online streaming.